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Houston Maritime Lawyers

As the location of the instauration workplace of The Lanier business firm, our Houston law workplace is strategically placed to handle a spread of Houston admiralty law matters. Our Houston workplace is found within the largest economic center within the sea-coast region, that is also known for The Port of Houston ship channel.
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The apply of admiralty law, typically referred to as law, will involve any variety of maritime-related activities. Our Houston admiralty law attorneys offer expertise during a wide range of cases, together with merchandise carriage disputes, oil spills, and pollution claims.

The Lanier business firm was among the primary law companies to file a class-action legal proceeding against major company BP when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and later oil spill in 2010. Our Houston admiralty law attorneys filed this legal proceeding so as to represent many hundred purchasers whose livelihoods were tormented by the oil spill. Houston professional person and also the Lanier business firm founder Mark Lanier declared that BP consciously where the sea-coast region in ever-increasing danger.
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Our Houston admiralty law attorneys offer copious data of maritime legal matters. Firm professional person Charles F. Herd Jr. provides in-depth expertise in Jones Act cases and he represents purchasers in maritime-related claims, maritime product liability matters, and maritime-related business disputes. Mr. Herd could be a member of – and has command workplace in – The Mariners Club of Houston, The admiralty law Association of us, The Houston Marine Arbitration Association, and also the mechanical device Club of us, Houston and Louisville Chapters.

Other attorneys at The Lanier business firm United Nations agency upset Houston admiralty law embrace Charles F. Herd, Judson Waltman and Dara Hegar, managing professional person of the Houston workplace.

To find out a lot of concerning our Houston admiralty law services, please contact our workplace.

Who Our Houston Maritime Lawyers Represent
Our attorneys represent people and families tormented by every kind of maritime accidents and injuries. These embrace tanker and ship injuries, offshore injuries on drilling rigs and platforms, and seafaring accidents on everything from tugboats to barges to powerboat. several of those cases are lined by the Jones Act, Longshore Act, General admiralty law, or the Outer ocean bottom Lands Act (OCSLA).

Some of the particular styles of employees we tend to represent include:

Drilling rig employees
Workers aboard vessels bemused
Platform employees
Harbor employees
Barge, crewboat, and boat employees.

About Offshore and Maritime Injury Claims
Seeking compensation for associate degree offshore injury isn't like following the other sort of personal injury or workers’ compensation claim. There are special laws that apply associate degreed they are several alternative distinctive factors that need the involvement of an intimate with Houston maritime professional person.

At mean solar day & Sheppard LLP, a considerable portion of our apply focuses on representing eviscerate maritime employees and their families. to place expertise on your facet, contact North American country these days.

Free Consultation with a Houston Maritime professional person
Nick mean solar day and John D. Sheppard ar intimate with Houston maritime lawyers United Nations agency are committed to serving to eviscerate employees and their families secure most compensation for his or her losses. If you have got been eviscerated or lost a honey, {we will|we'll|we are going to} arise for your rights and war the large corporations that are fighting to create positive you receive as very little as attainable.

To schedule a free consultation concerning your claim, a decision our law offices at (713) 597-8028 these days.


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