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May is Motorcycle Safety Month The Rainy Nashville Weather a Challenge

At Stillman at Friedland we are looking forward to warmer spring weather. But did you know that May has the highest average rainfall of the year in Nashville? Rain and driving in general can be a bad mix with reduced visibility and slippery road conditions.

Yet wet roads are not the only thing you should anticipate as you drive in Middle Tennessee this spring.

As TDOT, the Tennessee Department of Transportation notes, more people are out in warmer weather, and motorcycle owners take to the roads in greater numbers once the winter is over. Unfortunately, the same outdoor exposure that makes motorcycling fun is also a risk for riders.

Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Colonel Tracy Trott states:

“When a car collides with a motorcyclist, it is much different than a crash between two cars…A motorcyclist has little defense against the tons of steel that will hit them. While traffic fatalities statewide are declining, motorcycle fatalities have continued to rise. Over the last decade, we have seen an …

The Accident and Emergency Tips from Tennessee Highway Patrol

The Tennessee Highway Patrol recently issued its top guidelines for accidents and road emergencies. In this post, we will review their advice and add Stillman and Friedland’s legal and commonsense dimension.
Tennessee Highway Patrol breaks down their advice into ten points, but we can summarize them into a few key points you need to consider while on the road. As the Tennessee Highway Patrol points out, there were over 181,000 crashes statewide in 2017. This means the effective accident rate is one in eight drivers yearly. Obviously, your chance of being involved in accident increases over the longer term, so it is best to be prepared.

• Let’s have a look at Tennessee Highway Patrol first point

Which is to call Tennessee Highway Patrol (*847) and report the accident. State and local officers help to aid the injured, and manage traffic to prevent further injury. Whether you alert Tennessee Highway Patrol or the local police, this step is crucial in getting both immediate aid, and also an …

Are you Seeking for Life Insurance in Retirement?

As you age, the notion of life insurance seems increasingly unnecessary. Many retirees prefer not to continue paying life insurance premiums when they no further have young families to be mindful of. However, when you shrug off the thought of life insurance in retirement, it’s recommended to think about that life insurance really has its virtues.

You might still have dependents. Many retirees no further have young kids who are affected financially when they pass on. But even once your children have established their own lives, it’s likely you have another dependent: Your spouse.

Your partner might have to be protected from the increased loss of your income, even though you are retired. Read the conditions of one’s pension or annuity. Also, consider your Social Security check forms a percentage of one’s retirement household income. Whenever you die, your spouse’s income is likely to be affected. Pension payments might stop, Social Security income often decreases, and annuity payouts migh…

5 Best Auto Insurance Companies in USA

You will find almost a lot of auto insurance companies in USA, but among them there are best 5 automobile insurance companies  in USA; GEICO, Modern, Nationwide, Allstate and Infinity. These five companies cover rough 70% industry reveal of USA and however stay the top automobile insurance companies for all kinds of USA individuals due to their distinguishing characteristics. These 5 auto insurance companies provide every protection needed by the owners and all of them offer inexpensive car insurance and they prepare insurance package for particular clients.

Following looking over this article you can get the theory about the most effective vehicle insurance companies and then you will need to learn how to get cheap car insurance.

GEICO Auto Insurance – The Best Auto Insurance Company in USA
Among the five vehicle insurance companies, GEICO auto insurance company is fabled for its whole life alliance with the US military and previous give band of people. GEICO provide enormous features s…

Most useful 5 Automobile Insurance Companies in USA

There are very nearly a lot of car insurance companies in USA, but one of them you can find most useful 5 vehicle insurance companies  in USA; GEICO, Modern, Nationwide, Allstate and Infinity. These five companies cover estimated 70% industry reveal of USA and however stay the most effective vehicle insurance companies for a myriad of USA people due to their unique characteristics. Those 5 car insurance companies provide every insurance needed by the individuals and all of them offer inexpensive car insurance and they prepare insurance package for particular clients.

After reading this post you can get the idea about the most effective vehicle insurance companies and then you will have to understand how to buy cheap car insurance.

GEICO Auto Insurance – The Most useful Auto Insurance Company in USA
Among the five car insurance companies, GEICO auto insurance company is fabled for its life time alliance with the US army and old give group of people. GEICO provide big services such as for…

Compare low cost vehicle Insurance Quotes Online For Free

If you’d like cheap car insurance,  you’ve to examine cheap car insurance quotes online.  As all of us know  the most effective section of online looking is that on line provides some alternatives to choose. The critical part is ways to select and what to select because if you do not assess carefully, you could have to cost for unnecessary  products.

There are many factors such as for instance using a client quotes tool, getting car insurance quotes on the web you should follow to get cheap car insurance. After studying this short article you’ll know how to apply car insurance quotes, how to utilize client quotes instrument, just how to examine cheap car insurance quotes on the web for free and what else you ought to discover to have the cheapest vehicle insurance.

How to utilize customer offer methods
Search car insurance with unique area and you may find you will find few sites specialized in giving auto insurance quotes. They do not present car insurance coverage rather than car insur…

4 Easy Travel Health Insurance Tips

Journey health insurance helps the tourists to learn greater the insurance plan and to reduce the premium. If people know the policy better, they can frequently cut costs on travel insurance. Here are top easy journey medical health insurance tips people must know.

Tip1: Knowledge Journey Wellness Insurance Plan First
Tourists must study vacation insurance policy before getting any program, and better realize the protection the business has offered. Every policy has few limits such as for example pre-existence health conditions and age restricts which must certanly be popular to people unless it might be a good problem.

Tip 2: Medical Guidance Companies
When tourists will get insurance plan, they should question to the company if they’ve any support service for their clients. Knowledge shows that there are numerous help service companies which are disinterested to take to crisis calls to true doctors or nurse. But it’s not totally all the cases, there are a few significant insurance busin…

Tips to Choosing Health Insurance Alternatives

Health Insurance could very well be one of many vital requirements in life today especially when you are surviving in a place where none is provided for you by your government. To be with the right medical insurance is to be with a safer life regardless of your actual age, gender or stature in life but it actually becomes a more perceive need if you are already a senior or with some particular medical condition. Choosing medical insurance options might not be as easy as buying candy from a store, so to speak. Today, you will discover several private insurers and they might present to you a number of options that might not always be the right choice for you. The way you start choosing, here are a few tips.
Will It Cover Everything You Need?

Why would you get a medical insurance in the first place, if not for you to get covered for everything you “need”, right? Of the numerous medical insurance possibilities available in the market today it must be easier for you to find the one that cove…

How to Purchase Inexpensive Car Insurance

Whenever you obtain a car it’s general you will buy car insurance, nevertheless the tricky part is to buy cheap car insurance. Buying cheap car insurance will soon be easy if you know how to search and compare insurance policy.

Many car insurance companies offer discounted policy, but getting cheaper insurance plan doesn’t mean you receive the best car insurance policy. Don’t buy at the very first shot, read carefully the full total policy conditions; what the policy covers and what the privileges are and compare your policy with other discounted car insurance plan from different companies.

The automobile owners that are above 50 years of age can be the member of the American Association of Retired People (AARP) and the member has to cover only $12.50 a year who’s USA citizens. It seems AARP offers heavily discounted car insurance and older people can simply get free online cheap car insurance quotes.

Car insurance premiums won’t lower or discounted for teenage drivers who don’t have dri…

Health Insurance Interest

First Buck Coverage

With Wellness Benefit Insurance when you feel a covered medical function requesting medical practitioner or hospital services, the insurance company makes a repaired cash cost for you or even a designated provider. You decide how to spend or save your self the benefit. With key medical health insurance, the insurance company pays a portion of your medical bills right to the company when you cover your deductible. Key medical has larger dollar defense but usually needs you to pay for a large number of pounds out of wallet before the program pays anything. In 2017, the typical deductible for an Obamacare Bronze Stage plan has ended $6,000.*

Extra Insurance and Companies

Wellness Benefit Insurance plans can contain supplemental medical insurance for incident or important illnesses and non insurance services such as for instance telemedicine or pharmacy discount programs to allow you to greater get a handle on your wellbeing spending.

Health Benefit Insurance May be the Ri…

Getting Quality Life Insurance Plan

Buy Early: The sooner you buy the plan, the higher it is. This helps in getting you a satisfactory risk protect along with building a excellent corpus

Assess: You must compare Life Insurance Policies on line to be able to get a good deal and save yourself plenty of money.

Examination: You ought to do the proper examination before selecting a plan which satisfies your needs.

How much to get:Analyzing the potential wants of your nominee or beneficiary will allow you to in choosing which strategy and how much insurance you will need to buy.

Papers Required for Life Insurance Policy

When you have decided to buy living insurance on line, then you will find few papers that you’ll require to provide such as for instance:

Age evidence : Any one of Beginning Certification, 10th or 12th mark sheet, Operating License, Passport, Voter ID, etc.

Identity evidence : Driving Certificate, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, which shows one’s citizenship

Address proof : Energy Statement, Telephone Statement, Ration Card, Driving Certificate, Passport, should clearly mention the permanent address.

Some options demand a medical check-up often for folk people over the age of 45 decades to be able to be sure that the protected doesn’t have problems with any serious illness.

Passport Size Photograph to truly have a record of the covered person`s identification for potential sources.

4 Causes Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case On 2019

If you’ve been in an accident and have decided to hire a personal injury lawyer, you will probably feel some relief knowing help is just around the corner. But what if your attorney is less enthusiastic to jump head-first into your case? What if your personal injury lawyer will not take your case at all? You may feel confused and even a little upset. There are many factors for an attorney when it comes to accepting a case that are important to understand. Here’s a few reasons why you may find yourself in this situation.

1. Financial Issues

Your lawyer is there to help you, but their work is also their livelihood. One reason an attorney may not take your case is if there are financial issues that would prevent them from getting paid.  Typically, a defense attorney gets paid hourly and whether or not they win the case.
But a personal injury lawyers takes on cases based on contingency fees. That means they only make money if they win the case. When they decide which cases to take, they deci…

5 Things You Must Do After a Car Accident On 2019

If you’ve just been in an accident, you’ll probably be feeling overwhelmed, confused, or you may have even been severely injured. Right after an accident is not the time to try to figure out what you need to do first. Instead, make sure you know what to do after a car accident long before you’re ever in one. To help you get prepared, here is your guide for what to do after an accident.

#1: Assess The Situation

If anyone is injured, call 911. If there has been significant damage but everyone seems fine, it’s still a good idea to call the police and get a police report. After that assess your situation again to determine if you or the other involved parties are in any danger. If you’re able to, move the vehicles out of harm’s way or out of the way so as not to impede traffic. If you’re going to do this before the police arrive on scene, just be sure to snap a few pictures of the vehicle as they were when the accident occurred. Stay aware throughout the remainder of your time on the side o…

4 Qualities To Look For In A Defense Attorney

Getting help is sometimes a hard thing to ask for. If you’ve been in an accident and have been overwhelmed dealing with insurance companies, the police, and your injuries, you may be thinking it’s time to hire a lawyer.

You need someone who will fight for you and help you come out of the situation with the ability to move forward. But how do you go about hiring someone to help? Here are the qualities to look for in a defense attorney.

Quality #1. Integrity and Trustworthy

First off, before you think about any other qualifications you want to make sure that your defense attorney is has integrity and is trustworthy. You want a lawyer who is honest with you, will be upfront about your case and the likely outcome. You’ll feel more comfortable if you know your attorney is honest. And when you’re confident your defense attorney is trustworthy, you’ll be able to let go of much of the worry you have now and let your attorney take care of it for you.

Quality #2. Experience

Once you know you can tru…

Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys | Airbag Recall

Visit us: or call 410-995-1515 to speak with an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney today for a Free Consultation. Maryland, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney: Airbag recall Affects Millions of Cars.

Have been more than 100 cases where this has occurred. Some say there have been four deaths and multiple injuries. However, the government is only reporting three injuries and is continuing to investigate. Federal regulators are urging owners of these affected vehicles to "take immediate action." 2014 has been the worst year for auto recalls in U.S. history, with more than 1 in 5 cars and trucks at risk of defects. If you have purchased a car that has recently been recalled, take it to the dealer to get fixed. Further, you may be entitled to several legal remedies, including: Economic damages: you may be able to recoup lost value of the car's resale value. You may also be able to recover for loss of use of the car Personal injury recovery: if…

Why Jurors or the Insurance Company Should Give You Damaged in Your Personal Injury Case

Everyone who is hurt in an accident believes they are entitled to recover. Recoveries vary greatly from one jury to another, as well as from one insurance adjuster to another. Some attorneys believe that's just the way the system operates, by chance. Not true, a true understanding of what motivates people to give money in accident cases makes all the difference in the world.

First, the adjuster or juror must be persuaded that the money will help. For example, it will go to medical expenses, future care, or lost wages. That's the easy one. Second, and more difficult, is convincing the adjuster or juror that they need to make up for the harm that was caused by the accident. To do this effectively the lawyer must understand what will emotionally move the person paying the money based on the facts presented. For example, was the defendant not acting responsibly, and worse did the defendant take actions to evade responsibility. If so, the argument for more compensation gets easier. …

Automobile Accidents and Drinking: Beware of the Consequences

A recent case in Howard County, Maryland demonstrates how serious courts take the situation where a person drinks, gets in a car, and has an accident that leads to the death of another human being. In the case of Jose Santiago, he and a group of friends all went out drinking. An accident occurred, and Santiago's blood alcohol was measured at .09, just above the State's legal limit of .08.

While driving, Santiago lost control and crashed into a truck. Two of the passengers, both friends, were killed. Santiago was charged and plead guilty to two counts of negligent vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol. Santiago was in this country illegally and U.S. Immigration placed a detainer on him.

Santiago blamed snow for causing the accident. Families of the two men who were killed asked that Santiago be deported instead of jailed. In fact, both families went as far as to go through an official procedure in Mexico to "renounce any illegal act" on Santiag…

Cerebral Palsy: Was My Child's Condition Caused by Medical Negligence?

Learning that a newborn child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy is one of the greatest fears of expecting parents.  A diagnosis of cerebral palsy often means that a child could suffer from a number of potentially crippling disabilities, including muscular deformity, involuntary movement, seizures, speech disorders and mental retardation for the rest of their lives.  Although a specific cause of cerebral palsy has not been pinpointed, the general consensus is that cerebral palsy is brought on by some form of injury to the brain of the infant before, during, or shortly after birth.  Fortunately for those that suffer from cerebral palsy and their parents, awards in cerebral palsy cases are usually substantial because of the long term effect of the condition and the high cost of medical care associated with the disorder.

In Frederick County, a jury recently yielded an award of close to 4 million dollars to the family of a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy after birth.  In this case,…

Truck Accidents: Protect Your Interests in the Face of Serious Injury

Truck accidents stand out from other types of automobile accidents because of the increased likelihood of fatality.  Truck accidents are generally more harmful to the parties involved than standard car accidents because of the size disparity between the vehicles and the potentially dangerous cargo commonly carried by trucks.  Currently in the U.S., one person dies every 16 minutes as the result of a truck accident.  Though truck accidents constitute just 3% of all injury accidents and 5% of all property-damage-only accidents, 8% of the vehicles in fatal accidents are large trucks.  In 2008 alone, there were 4,006 fatalities directly attributed to accidents involving large trucks.  Of these fatalities, 98% of the people killed in truck accidents are occupants of the non-truck vehicle.

A number of factors exist that are potential causes of truck accidents.  Chief among these factors are the demanding schedules and deadlines that are imposed on many truck operators.  High demand schedules…

Rollover Automobile Accident

The Supreme Court just let stand an $82.6 million dollar award to a woman who was paralyzed after her Ford Explorer rolled over. Ford challenged the portion of the award that was for punitive damages, $55 million. Ford argued that is should not be punished because its design of the vehicle met Federal Safety Standards. The Supreme Court agreed with a California State Appeals Court which had earlier rejected Ford's contention. If you or someone you know was injured in a rollover automobile accidentcontact Portner & Shure for a free consultation.

Here Are 5 Common Disturbances In Your Car

You want to stay safe on the road, and one of the best ways to do that is to avoid distracted driving. But before you eliminate distractions you need to know what they are! Here are five common distractions in your car.

#1. Cell Phones

We live in a time and age when we use our cell phones for just about everything. While they can be of huge benefit in most cases, when it comes to driving they are best left in the glove box where they won’t be a distraction. Talking and texting are the cause of most distracted driving accidents. According to the National Safety Council, cell phones are involved in 26% of all car crashes.  You can eliminate more than a quarter of distracted driving accidents simply by putting your phone away.

#2. Lost in Thought

There are many ways to be distracted in your car, and sometimes one of the biggest culprits has nothing to do with objects in your car. Simply being distracted, or lost in thought, is one of the five common distractions when driving. When you’re ope…

Some Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney On 2019

You do your best to stay safe, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean you always will be. Accidents can happen to anyone, whether they be car accidents, slip, trips, and falls accidents, dog bites, or cyclist accidents. If you’ve been injured and you think someone else may be at fault, you’ve probably begun looking into hiring an injury attorney.

You may be wondering how to find the right lawyer for you. It is important to feel comfortable with the injury attorney who will be representing you and helping you get back on track with your life. Here are a few questions to ask your personal injury attorney.

What types of cases do you typically handle?

Before you invest too much time and money into any law firm, you want to make sure they are a personal injury attorney and handle personal injury claims. Is there a lawyer for falls? How many car accident claims have they handled? Does the attorney know premises law? Look for a firm that handles almost any injury or accident case. For example, Coc…

How to PT For an Eye Doctors

How to opt for an eye Doctors Do things look a touch fuzzy these days? It's most likely time to visualize an Eye doctor.
If you have ne'er been before, selecting one may be tough. There square measure many styles of eye care consultants WHO concentrate on various things.
How Do I realize One? If you have never seen an eye doctor, you would like to form certain you discover an honest one.
Talk to your doctor or podiatrist. She’ll have the names of eye specialists in your space. She could even have a way of WHO would be an honest comfortbale for you or your kids.
Ask family, friends, and associates. consider everybody you recognize WHO wears glasses -- all of them have eye doctors. Ask them.
Check with skilled organizations. The yank Academy of medical specialty and therefore the yank Optometric Association have tools on their websites to assist realize eye doctors in your space.
After the Appointment When you’re on the manner home, raise yourself:
Did you have got to attend a protracted …

Houston Maritime Lawyers Nowadays Most Keyword Searching

Houston Maritime Lawyers

As the location of the instauration workplace of The Lanier business firm, our Houston law workplace is strategically placed to handle a spread of Houston admiralty law matters. Our Houston workplace is found within the largest economic center within the sea-coast region, that is also known for The Port of Houston ship channel.
mesothelioma attorneys texas.

The apply of admiralty law, typically referred to as law, will involve any variety of maritime-related activities. Our Houston admiralty law attorneys offer expertise during a wide range of cases, together with merchandise carriage disputes, oil spills, and pollution claims.

The Lanier business firm was among the primary law companies to file a class-action legal proceeding against major company BP when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and later oil spill in 2010. Our Houston admiralty law attorneys filed this legal proceeding so as to represent many hundred purchasers whose livelihoods were tormented by…

Health Insurance and Your Auto Accident – How to Make Sure You Get Your Medical Bills Paid With Health Insurance and Medical Payments Coverage


Using your insurance to purchase treatment concerning associate car accident are often difficult and you'll run into some traps on the approach. we tend to invariably discuss our client’s insurance and generally, we tend to could prefer to not use our client’s insurance and this will truly add our client’s favor. Below, I'll take you thru a number of the issues and therefore the associated analysis method with undergoing with our shoppers to work out the way to get our shoppers absolutely stipendiary for medical expenses concerning a car accident.

HEALTH INSURANCE AND LIABILITY FOR THE car ACCIDENT: once you square measure guilty

The first purpose {of associatealysis|of study|of research} is: WHO is guilty of the car accident? If you caused a car accident because of your own negligence and you wish to receive medical treatment, you must and might use your own personal insurance to purchase the medical treatment. After all, that's why you'…

How ‘Vicarious Liability’ Can Help You Get Compensated for Your Louisiana Auto Accident Damages

There will be many various parts that move into achieving the legal outcome you wish in your motor vehicle accident injury case. for a few bruised individuals, one in every one of those parts is being allowed to pursue not solely the opposite driver, however that driver’s leader. this feature will be vital as a result of several drivers is also people with restricted assets associated with motor vehicle insurance with an occasional policy limit. it's entirely potential that the hurt you suffered exceeds the driver’s assets and therefore the insurance policy’s limit. However, once your case conjointly names associate leader sort of a major national corporation, you've got associate improved probability of getting the complete quantity of damages that you just verified. A knowledgeable point of entry injury professional will assist you to produce the court with the proof and argument you wish to ascertain this essential “vicarious liability.”

K.T. was a driver World Health Organi…

How To Find The Right Attorney For You On 2019

If you’ve been in a situation and wonder if you need a lawyer, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Knowing how to find the right attorney for you can be difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you choose the right man or woman for the job.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of attorney you need.

What happened that has left you feeling like you are in need of a lawyer? Are you dealing with financial issues? Have you been involved in criminal activity? Or were you in an auto accident? Maybe you fell and have suffered injuries?

If you are dealing with money issues you should look for a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy law. If you have a run-in with the law you should hire a criminal law attorney.

For auto accidents, you’ll want to find a good car accident law firm, and slip and fall cases require a slip and fall attorney. Once you’ve determined the right type of lawyer for your situation, you can continue on the path to finding the right attorney for yo…